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November 17, 2021

Barry McIntosh - Fan,Logaville,Georgia,US

Ken and I at Heepvention 2000 in London. This is in the merchandise room before The Hensley Lawton Band performed later that night. HEEPVENTION 2000.Not the greatest pic, but this right after the completion of the Hensley Lawton set as Ken just came off the stage. As this seemd to be Ken's return to the rock scene - i thought it was probably worth documenting.Barry McIntoshLoganville, GA, USA2001

Sten Libråten - Fan,Langhus,Norway

A great spring day in Grimstad April 2016. We had seen Ken with a band from Southampton at Olsen in Oslo on Friday ..... Ken was to play a solo show in Grimstad on Saturday. Ken wanted to take a train from Oslo and south in Norway to relax and see the fantastic nature from the train window. We drove parts of Ken's luggage south, so he did not have to take everything on the train. The photo was taken when Ken got his luggage in Grimstad. The rest of the pictures are from the concert at Blubox in Grimstad. (3 Images)

Tuija Kinnunen-Härmälä - Fan,Helsinki,Finland

I was meeting and greeting Ken with other Uriah Heep Suomi Finland fan club members on August 4, 2017. The local record shop Keltainen Jäänsärkijä was celebrating their 30th anniversary and everyone was overwhelmingly delighted to meet Ken and his team in their premises before the concert in the near-by Tavastia Club the same evening. Ken had kind words to say (and write) to all 3.(3 Images)

Maria Hänninen - Musician,Helsinki,Finland

Hi everybody! They made an interview of me for the latest Finnish Music Creators' Association' s rewarded magazine " Musiikintekijä" 02/21. Asking about my inspirations in creating. I talked a lot about Ken, and how he has inspired me. They wanted to take photos of 5 inspiring things, this pass is one of them. It is from Ken's last visit to Finland, August 2019, when I got to share the stage with him, like I was able to do every time he did shows in Finland 2013-2019. This is hanging on my wall, in my music recording spot at home. So I can ask Ken, what he thinks about the music and sounds ? Our creation, a song called "Frozen" (lyrics : Hänninen -Hensley, comp. Hänninen), where Ken also plays Hammond, can be found in all digital platforms. Thank You for everything, Ken ❤ Ken personally came to play the Hammond track to Sonic Pump Studios, here in Helsinki, the day after our last gig at Tavastia Club, Aug11th, 2019.

Toni Rowland - Musician, Cape Town,South Africa

 I met Ken when I was in my 20’s & had the incredible honour of recording with him. I was truly inspired by his wonderful brilliance. His guidance and council meant the world to me and I have always carried those treasured memories deep in my heart. You are deeply missed by all those who loved you.