December 14, 2021

Tin Lloyd - Fan,Ottawa,Canada

Ken's honesty, spirituality, and hope was always front and centre in his writing. And of course his love of MELODY! A became a huge UH fan once I heard "Look At Yourself"! He could rock...but he could melt your soul too! Loved the man and his music! Thank goodness his music will carry on forever!
November 17, 2021

Barry McIntosh - Fan,Logaville,Georgia,US

I became a life long fan of Ken around 1973. My favorite artists back then were Cat Stevens and James Taylor! Not shabby, but also not hard rock. A new friend was into hard rock and introduced me to Uriah Heep in 1973. For Christmas that year he gave me the Proud Words LP. WOW still one of my all time favorite albums. I became an avid fan and bought all Heep and Hensley (and anything else ie. Byron solo lp's etc) i was heartbroken when he left Heep in 1980, but continued my avid fandom unabated…
November 15, 2021

Rod Swearingen - Musician,Cadiz,Ohio,US

Our deepest sympathies to your family for the loss of Ken.We have loved Ken’s Musical Spirit from the 60’s & his passing has felt very personal.There was most assuredly a Divine Touch of Magic in all of Ken’s Music.We know that Ken will live on in our Hearts as The Wizard and his Songs will forever take us to our Spiritual & Magical Place…Our Humble Condolences to all. Lord Bless you all…..!
September 21, 2021

Chris Firefly - Fan,Tours,France

(Translation Follows)Il est très difficile d’accepter une telle disparition. Pour moi c’est comme si la personne qui m’a été le plus fidèle au cours de ma vie m’abandonnait d’un coup, sans explication. Sa musique, ses compositions ont effacé bien des des douleurs comme par magie, mieux qu’ une excellente thérapie, et m’ont aussi accompagnés dans le moments les plus joyeux. J’ai découvert Uriah Heep avec Demons and Wizards et Salisbury dans un premier temps puis ce fut la consécration avec le…
August 18, 2021

Michael Redmond - Fan,Mooresville,US

I first learned of Ken through an 8 track tape that a friend loaned me of an album called "Look At Yourself " in the early 70`s. The song Look At Yourself, July Morning and my favorite Tears In My Eyes .The next day I bought that 8 track tape and within 5 months had to buy another copy because I had wore the original one out. I had a chance to see Uriah Heep in Indianapolis and I went .Ken played the song Tears In My Eyes and I was in awe. I had no idea that he was also a guitarist I thought he…
August 13, 2021

Juan Fernandez - Fan,Granada,Spain

English Translation follows: Saludos y gracias a la familia Hensley .. Soy un seguidor desde el primer día que escuché por parte de mi hermano mayor el segundo disco de Uriah Heep el trabajaba de Camarero por temporadas en Palma de Mallorca a mediados de los 70 en los días libres que tenia pinchaba en una discoteca donde daban también pequeños conciertos la cuestión es que llegaban muy buenos discos de todos los estilos al final de temporada regresaba a casa y siempre se traía media maleta de…
July 11, 2021

Andy Reed - Fan,Derby,UK

I was introduced to Ken's music in the 70's by a friend. I have collected as much as possible since then and also met Ken and John Lawton at Nordhausen in May 2001 towards the end of the Hensley-Lawton Band tour. A real shame that between 1980 and 2000 there were some wilderness years before coming back to the fold. When keyboard players names are tripped off the tongue to the tunes of Jon Lord, Keith Emerson, Dave Greenfield, et al ... Ken Hensley is often missed off the list but let's not…
July 11, 2021

Pito Roba - Fan,Ľubotice.Slovakia

Milujem hudbu Kena Hensleyho, zbožňujem nezameniteľný skladateľský rukopis tohto umelca v službách Uriah Heep, rád počúvam jeho sólové nahrávky… Výberovky, najväčšie hity, kompilácie. Množstvo názvov, obsah zväčša totožný. Čo je za tým? Túžba nahrávacích spoločností a hudobníkov po peniazoch? Skutočná snaha priblížiť hudbu dotyčného interpreta neznalým záujemcom? Tieto otázky sa stále preberajú a budú preberať, výberovky sústavne vychádzajú a budú vychádzať. Čo s touto kolekciou hitov…
July 04, 2021

Heikki Timonen - Fan,Vantaa,Finland

Hi there, in my teenie years "July morning" was the first power ballad what I heard. It is same time sensitive and strong,,,, It never felt long.. I still love it.
June 26, 2021

Craig Sass - Fan,Randburg,South Africa

My first significant poem, I wrote at the age of 16, when fellow High School mates called me ‘Craigspeare’, follows below. The Uriah Heep song called ‘Sunrise’, which was written and composed by the late Ken Hensley, inspired the writing of this poem and the many that followed, until the current date, Thank you, Ken. MY KINGDOM FOR A DREAM I recall the wonder of the dawn, When my love for you was born, Hate and anguish may make you mourn, But none can slay the beauty of that dawn. In the…
June 24, 2021

Michael Fedysky - Fan,Scranton,US

His is a very nice interview with Ken and I wanted to share.I've added the link below:"Gary James' Interview With Ken Hensley Of Uriah Heep"
June 23, 2021

Julia Crask - Fan,Codicote,UK

I am a travel trainer - I support young people with learning disabilities to travel independently to and from college. I often walk through Stevenage Railway Station where there are photos of famous people associated with Stevenage, and, of course, Ken is up there. I used to take my photo "with" him and tweet him - I was thrilled when he responded and showed interest in my job. I hadn't been that way for a while (due to COVID) but on the day we heard of his death I took the "selfie" again - I…
June 23, 2021

Derek Spear - Fan,Niagara Falls,Canada

What a wonderful place for us to share our thoughts about Ken and the ways his music has made a difference in our lives.Thanks to my older brother, Steve, I was introduced to Demons and Wizards at a very young age. It wasn't until I began working at a University radio station about 1984 that I discovered Ken's records Eager to Please and Proud words on a dusty shelf. Those two records quickly became, for me, the gold standard of songwriting. Obviously Ken wrote loads of material since those two…
June 22, 2021

Vlad Fischer - Fan,North Bay,Canada

Late 1999 I discovered Ken's website and upon realization that Ken became christian I dared to contact him via Rodrigo who looked after the site back then. To my amazement Ken himself responded and that's how our about 1 year long online conversations started as I was trying to bring ex Heep legend to town for a performance. Unfortunately it didn't work out as he moved from US back to Europe in 2001, I believe. Nevertheless I was privileged to visit with Ken(as well as Monica) in Czech republic…
June 18, 2021

David Eppel - Musician,Camberley,UK

Kenny brought something a little magical to Heep - great voice, keys and slide guitar. Some great songs. Each line up with David in the band was a joy to behold. They should have been allowed to take a year out in '76 Saw Heep 5 times with David, each time they were mighty, Ken's B3 growling in sync with Mick's LP custom. What a great noise topped off with face melting harmonies. That music inspired me as much as Jimi. Rest in peace? Nah, make a mighty noise Ken.
June 18, 2021

Billy Thomson - Fan,Loanhead,UK

Thank you. Ken for all the music you gave us . You made so many people happy. And thank you for talking to me in Edinburgh and signing my autograph. Rest in heaven in the knowledge that your music will live on bringing happiness to the world. God bless Ken rest in peace .
June 18, 2021

Howard Cox - Fan,Barry,UK

Wish i'd kept his signed letter to me in Feb 71 which answered my question re their live gig in Cardiff Jan 71 as to who the drummer was. Salisbury not yet released, they performed the Salisbury track live but the drummer was unknow to me. In Jan 71 I’d not heard of Keith Baker, but as it turned out Keith had already left before Salisbury released and again Clark had taken over. Only much later that year was he introduced via Look at Yourself album. Confused at the time, but Ken explained in…
June 17, 2021

Joe Cogan - Musician,New York, US

Trevor, thank you so much for putting together this website! I never got to meet Ken in person, alas, but he has always been a huge inspiration for me as a musician on every level, from his stellar playing and singing, to his almost incredible talent as composer and lyricist, and he was kind enough to answer some Heep-related questions I had on social media every now and again! I look forward to seeing this site grow and flourish, and to read what others have to say about Ken, from around the…
June 16, 2021

Joseph Schembri - Fan,Gozo,Malta

Hi.I would like to thank you, first of all, for accepting me in your group. I think this site is a great commemoration of an even greater, musician, song writer and singer. We had the pleasure of meeting Ken in person, in 2008, in Granada, Spain, during the 2008 Heepvention. Thank you for giving us fans, the opportunity to express our views, Regards Joseph.
June 16, 2021

Geoff Bailey - Fan,Stratford,UK

Ken's music has been the soundtrack to my life since I was 19. Now nearly 60. We never met. Only in my dreams, but thank you Ken. Thank you so much. God bless.
June 14, 2021

Tanya van Agthoven-Marais - Work Colleague, Limpopo,South Africa

It was a great honour to work as part of Ken's touring team/ crew some years back when he come to South Africa to record with SA musician,Toni Rowland- and to perform in Johannesburg. As part of the small production team and PR on the job, it was such an honour to get "close up" know the man as the man - and in that he left his mark as a gentleman, funny, great sense of humour, professional and willing to teach his craft generously. This lead to friendship over the seas for the years after.…